Memorializing Wildkat community focus of yearbook

Remember My Name is 2022 theme


photo or infographic by Wildkat Media

NAME AFTER NAME. Sorting the books with personalization, junior Stone Chapman begins the process of getting books ready to deliver.

A lone graduate tosses up her cap into a sea of names, each representing a heart that beats at Willis High School. 

The highly anticipated 2021-2022 yearbooks will be distributed to those that purchased it on the week of August 29th.

Every student has their time to shine in the yearbook.

“The yearbook staff worked really hard to tell the story of all students. The theme of the book is Remember my Name,” yearbook adviser Emily Meachen said. “We thought that was a great way to show the importance of each person who shaped the story of WHS.”

Every inch of the yearbook was given time and care to make sure everything was perfect.

“The cover is special. The name of each student and staff member is featured on the background of the cover.” Meachen said, “We also honored the ones we lost last year by making their names a purple color.”

Yearbooks, while being in, are not unable to still be purchased.

“The yearbooks can still be bought even if they are being distributed,” senior Jason Clark said. “They can be purchased for the price of $100 dollars per yearbook, but we only have limited extras.”

The long awaited yearbooks are finally being distributed to the students who purchased them. If a 2022 graduate purchased a book, they can email Meachen at [email protected] to set up a time to pick their books up. 2023 yearbooks can be purchased at The books are $30 off for the month of September. 

“We will be distributing the books this week” Meachen said. “As soon as we get them sorted.”

The books will soon be entered in contest by the Texas Association of Journalism Educators and the Interscholastic League Press Conference, part of the UIL organization.

“I believe that the books will do well in contest,” Meachen said. “There is some great writing and photography in the there. We make the book for the Wildkat community, but winning awards is a great feeling for the students who work so hard to document the memories of the community.”