National Cinema day hopes to draw people to movies with $3 deal


photo or infographic by Cinema Foundation

THREE DOLLAR DEAL. To get people in the seats at local theaters, all day Saturday

The normally empty theater was packed with people on dates, friend groups and parents with their children. Chair after chair filled with people excited about movies. This is grand National Cinema Day. 

Tomorrow, September 3, most movie theaters in the national are participating in National Cinema Day. Tickets will just be $3 for any movie.

As the once expensive movie tickets are now reduced to only $3 dollars, senior Saoirse Gallagher plans on attending the movies to not only save money but to cherish her tradition with her boyfriend, senior Reid Henderson.

“Usually we go to the movies and just pick a movie haven’t seen and see how it goes,” Gallagher said.  “We love the movie because it was our initial meeting spot when we fell for each other. I’m going to save so much money at the movie theater and have an amazing time.” 

The bargain prices can allow a movie goer to see a repeat feature and since the tickets are at such low prices, multiple movies are being considered all in one night. 

“I really want to watch Top Gun: Maverick again” freshman Ashley Briones said. “It was my favorite from this summer. Also “Bullet Train” is out too with Bad Bunny so I might go watch them all in one night” 

Local theaters are participating in the promotion. The Grand 14  and Star Cinema Grill in Conroe are offering the discount tickets. Other close theaters in Spring, The Woodlands and Houston are also selling tickets for $3.

“I want to watch the “Invitation,” freshman Dianna Negrete said “It is about a girl who is invited to a wedding and then forced to get married.”

These movies intrigue people to come and spend their money for these cheap prices.  Some students have been waiting for certain movies to come out and are using the cheap prices as the perfect reason to go to the cinema. 

“I can not wait to go see Dragon Ball super for only $3,” senior Oliver Martinez said.  “That show is my childhood. I have been waiting for an excuse to go.” 

This is not only about enjoying the movies, but also spending time with your loved ones. It also gives the cinemas a chance to get their customers back in the seats.

“My older brother really loves the Dragon Ball series,” senior Hector Torres said.  “I want to take him to spend some with him since we are usually busy with school or work.”