Ready, Set, Go. Cross Country season starts strong

by Ava Hardin, VOW staff

With a steady pace and determination, the cross country team started strong preparing for the beginning of the season on Aug. 26th. Even if they’re a little unsure right now, athletes are setting goals early in order to set themselves up for a winning season. 

“I’m unsure of my goals, but I do want to make it to regionals,” sophomore Joselyn Lira said. ”I was there last year so, this year it would make me feel happy because my whole family made it to regionals for cross country. Now it’s my turn.

Many members of the team are choosing to focus on individual meets. Finding excitement in smaller doses helps them to appreciate the unique experiences they’re gaining. 

“I’m looking forward to Friday Night Lights because we get to run in the dark,” junior Chloe Robles said. “It’s just gonna be a different environment than what we usually do.”  

While the team as a whole is excited, they still have to focus on their training regimen. Hard work and dedication will make or break times this season. 

“Normally we run around the track or the school and everyone tries to have a watch to time their runs,” freshman Alyssa Rodriguez said.” It’s all about consistency, you have to have a certain pace and keep it the same. So, we’re really trying to focus on our tempo and pace.” 

Though the season has only just begun, many already have the end in mind. Seniors find comfort in knowing they’ve met their goals and the family they’ve found in cross country.

“My goal was just to continue to do cross country and work as hard as I could and get better,” senior Abigail Taylor said. “I think that I’ve done that. My times have gotten better, I’ve enjoyed spending time with the people, and I love the team. So it’s just been a good experience”