Vegas Nights comes to Willis for homecoming week


Homecoming week is not taken lightly. It’s filled with nervous boys asking girls to be their dates, girls going crazy over what dress to buy and fun activities that get the students excited and full of school spirit. It starts with the parade going to Yates stadium, then Fire up the Kats, dress up week and the big dance. It’s a good time for our wildkats to relax a bit and just enjoy being kids. 

Spirit week starts on October 3rd with color wars so wear your most colorful outfit. Tuesday is mathlete vs athlete, and of course on Wednesdays we wear pink. Thursday is 90s day with the week ending off on Friday with purple out day and seniors get to wear their senior overalls. 

“I feel like it’s a fun way for the students to get involved with the school and be able to show support for the football team,” senior Chelsie Forrester said. “I feel like it will positively affect the school by letting the kids get to have days to dress up and have fun while they are still in school resulting in a more enjoyable atmosphere.” 

Every year there is a parade where the clubs and sports show off and where we get to meet the homecoming court for the year. 

“So the parade will be October 5th and it will start at 5:30,” student council sponsor Amber Brumlow said. “The route will be released at a later time. When it finishes it will finish at Yates Stadium just in time for Fire up the Kats.”

The homecoming game brings everyone together shooting out school spirit and giving support to the football team. 

“The game is on October 7th,” Brumlow said. “I believe it starts at 7 p.m. and we will crown the king and queen at that time. We will start doing nominations for court here in a couple of weeks, so I will be sending out an email to students with rules and regulations of what makes you eligible to be nominated and run for court.”

Homecoming week ends with girls spending hours on their hair and makeup, and all the students dancing their hearts out. 

“The dance, the big thing, is the 8th,” Brumlow said. “So that’s a Saturday from 7-11pm. And you will pre buy your tickets because we are limited to how many can attend.”

Students are already talking about how excited they are for homecoming week and the theme that was picked for this year’s dance. 

“The theme is Vegas nights,” Brumlow said. “We had originally chosen a secret garden theme but for whatever reason it just wasn’t very popular so we took the advice of several students and two things that kept coming up were Vegas and Roaring 20s. So we pitched those ideas to Mr. Smith and he liked Vegas. He said that that was a fun focal theme so that’s what we went with.”