Remembering 9/11 serves to keep patriotism alive


Never Forget, but what if they can’t remember?

The tragic terrorist attacks of Sept 11, 2001 are possibly the most widely remembered and mourned events in recent history. With the anniversary coming around it’s once again time for many to remember the events and mourn themselves.

However, for some this might be more difficult, seeing as it was over 20 years ago now there isn’t a single student younger than a college sophomore who was even alive when the planes hit, much less any that actually remember it. It is important to keep the memory of those who passed, those who were lost, and those who served that day in everyone’s hearts and minds. 

For parents and teachers alike this time of year is time to make absolutely sure they do their due diligence for kids so they know what happened and how it affected people all over the world. 

Kids might not immediately understand the impact of these events if they aren’t taught about them properly; they might grow insensitive to those affected. They very well might forget it ever even happened. This is why it is important to keep teaching them, to show them why they should remember, to show them how everyone, for weeks afterward came together in mourning and rebuilding what was lost. Nobody cared about political or social divides, conservative, liberal, black, white, man or woman. None of it mattered at all. They all understood that it simply wasn’t important at the moment, they were Americans nothing more and nothing less. 

Adults keep the memory alive to honor and respect what America lost that morning, and kids grow up understanding what an impact it had thanks to those before them having such immense respect and care for it. 

While the tragedies of that day may not be fair and still very much sting to this day, it at the very least serves as a reminder to kids and adults alike as an example of what true American patriotism looks like when it really matters.

Never forget.