Fundraising in high gear for Culinary Kats


photo or infographic by Lilly Blue

SERVED FRESH. Senior Hayden Phillips prepares the Mes in Place for a Culinary 1 lesson on how to make croquettes. Advanced students preparing dishes for lower-level classes is common in the culinary lab.

Fresh ingredients, the sound of pots and pans clanging together, and water splashing everywhere from washing dirty dishes. All of which are commonly found in the culinary lab located right in the heart of the CTE Center.

With the Culinary Kats’ competition trip to Disney in Orlando, FL next semester, the team is taking every opportunity to fundraise for the four-day trip. Weekly menus for teachers and catering events are just a few examples of the opportunities for the team to raise money.

“We fundraise a lot using products that we created here in the lab,” culinary arts teacher Sandra Jefferson said. “We have done iced coffee before and we also sell cookies like crazy.”

Fundraising with products that come out of the culinary lab builds a reputation for having the ability to produce quality products. It also allows students to show off their creativity.

“Being able to help fundraise is important to me because it gives me a chance to help the program that taught me what I know,” senior Jonathan Rodriguez said. “It also is a good feeling knowing that the teachers and students are enjoying what I am putting time and effort into.”

Staff lunches are another great way for the team to fundraise. Teachers are provided with a weekly menu to choose from, students then prepare the lunches and the team gets paid for doing so.

“It is one of our biggest fundraising opportunities,” Jefferson said. “We provide lunches for the staff and they pay us for it.”