Ghost hunting 101


Cemeteries. Hotels. Prisons. Sanatoriums. All of these could house ghosts, but how do you find them? 

Ghost hunting has been climbing in popularity in recent years with many people and influencers giving it a try. In this trend, countless brave (or stupid) people set out to get them some evidence of ghosts. More often than not, they are unprepared.

Now that spooky season is upon us, many brave souls may head out to conduct a ghost hunt. What most don’t know is that ghost hunting takes bravery, patience and of course, some equipment.

To do a ghost hunt, you will need to be brave. These sorts of investigations are not for the faint-hearted, ghost business is not for the weak. I won’t lie when I say that the hunts are scary at times. There isn’t much room for fear, and if you want the best evidence, you have to be out there, even if you are in a spooky location for your hunt. If you are too fearful or in your own head during a hunt, your mind can play tricks on you, make you interpret everything as being a spirit. When looking for real evidence, that simply will not do. Try to keep your head above water and remember what you are there for. When I ventured to the Waverly Hills Sanatorium for an overnight investigation, the halls were endless and dark, each pitch black corner threatening to hold horrors inside. I persevered and got what I came for; however, just because you are brave and confident, doesn’t mean it doesn’t pay to have patience.

Now I know that money isn’t everything, but if you want some good stuff, you may need to get your hands on some good equipment. The equipment doesn’t have to be professional level cameras and microphones or other expensive devices. The equipment can be as simple as your phone camera or a recording app. On the note of inexpensive equipment, that’s where my personal picks come in. My other pick would be the Spirit Box – a device that scrolls through radio channels at high speeds to produce white noise (which it is said that ghosts can communicate through). Through this device you may hear sounds that can come together to form words. If you really don’t feel like spending too much money on equipment, you could even use cat toys as equipment, specifically the ones that light up when touched. These devices and simple things can make your ghost hunting experience far more eventful.

Some could say that there are exceptions to this, and that sometimes you don’t have to be patient or brave even. They say that you can leave the lights on and roam the building in search of evidence. These are the same people that complain when they get nothing. If you are afraid of the dark, I have no idea why you are going on a ghost hunt because the lights off adds to the whole experience. Having the lights on is just something you don’t want to do; it can mess with your equipment, like the EMF. It also defeats the purpose of doing a hunt. When you go on a hunt, you’re not only looking for ghosts.You also are there to have fun and maybe get a little scared along the way. I have also heard that the equipment used can provide false positives or simply not work. On the false positive note with the spirit box, you can get intelligent responses to questions you ask. I am not entirely sure how the box itself can give “coincidences” like hearing your own name said – checkmate skeptics. As an investigator, you are trying to prove the existence of these ghosts, either to yourself or to others. The fun of the hunt is that it is a mystery – a mystery you want to try and solve.

Going on a ghost hunt is a fun way to attempt to solve a lifelong mystery of are ghosts real? It is also a very fun activity just in time for spooky season. The unknown is something that I find much excitement in, and I think you might too. Whether you get any evidence or not, I highly recommend going on a ghost hunt, that is, if you aren’t too afraid to.