BassKats hook 3rd place title at Lake Conroe


photo or infographic by Willis Basskats

WEIGHING IN. Placing 35th overall sophomore Mallori Mitchell & freshman Reed Ragan weigh in at 3.91 lbs.

Keepin it Reel.

There’s a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to fishing competitions. Fishing not only takes a physical toll from rowing and burning underneath the sun for hours on end, but it takes a major mental toll towards their patience and devotion. Fishing is a tough job that takes patience and readiness for anything to start grabbing at the bait on the other end of the line. 

The Bass Kats traveled to Lake Conroe for a fishing competition where everyone competed for the biggest catch. Friday was the time to go scope the water and scout where to fish for the best catches. Then early Saturday morning, the real competition begins. 

Patience is a key component when it comes to winning the fishing competitions for the Bass Kats. 

“On Friday my partner, Reed Ragan, and I went out and fished all day to find the fish for Saturday,” sophomore Mallori Mitchell said. “Our best catch was 3.91 that we caught near the end of the day on Saturday.” 

Preparing for competitions takes weeks of constantly going out into the water to fish in different climates and conditions with the water. 

“We fished almost every weekend and took the Friday before the tournament to figure out how the fish were gonna bite,” sophomore Garrett Wilson said. “The best catch from me and my partner was a 3 pounder. Seeing our school have more kids participating than last year is a great feeling, and supporting the other teams weighing in is probably the best part of the competition. And this year we have more teams that are determined to do better and make it farther than last year. Our goal is to succeed as a school and win as a team to grow bigger and better over time.”