Unforgettable homecoming experience comes with hefty price tag


photo or infographic by Lilly Blue

SPIRITED SAVINGS. Stapling ribbon into place, junior Abigail Johnson works on her mum during floral design. Making mums can be costly, but it is a good way to save money.

The homecoming court is set and ready to be announced. The homecoming proposals have been made. Dress up themes have been announced.

Homecoming is a celebration with generations of traditions. Casting a vote for homecoming king and queen, electing dukes and duchesses, buying dresses and heels, suits and tuxedos, and spending Friday night at the home football game is all part of the week. Students are realizing that being a part of all these traditions have a big price tag.

“It’s a tricky question,” senior Nicole Hathaway said. “Homecoming is an important high school experience and the expenses are much higher than previous years, but the cost of the dress, shoes, hair, nails and tickets can be too much. Even if people were to cut down their spending, homecoming tickets alone are $40, and most families can’t afford to spend that; and with a date it costs $80.”

The price for homecoming has gotten too expensive for some families to afford. 

“The total cost I spent while shopping for homecoming was around $468,” senior Maday Garcia said. “The mum was a separate $50, and honestly Homecoming costs too much money for students now. If students don’t have the help of their parents to buy their dress, jewelry, or the mum then the price tag for it is way too expensive. I like getting to dress up with my friends and have fun, but the cost of homecoming in total is definitely too much money for students to spend.” 

Although the prices are high this year, there are students who think the experience is worth it. 

“I spent anywhere from $200 to $250 for homecoming,” senior Reid Henderson said. “My girlfriend deserves every penny, and I wouldn’t change anything because everything I spend will either contribute to my wardrobe or my date’s happiness. I would say it is absolutely worth it because I love my girlfriend, and she deserves to have an amazing homecoming experience.” 

Money well spent helps create the experience of a lifetime. 

“The cost is definitely worth it,” sophomore Lindsay Boston said. “Even though the tickets are a bit pricey this year I understand why because I know that the money is going into the decorations and the food. The only thing I would change is to make the area where you can walk around bigger and have places to sit. For example, opening up the patio so people could sit down and take a break from standing and the blaring music.” 

An unforgettable high school experience is causing students to make exceptions. 

“I feel like the tickets for the dance are overpriced for students this year,”  junior Ty’Anna Surgers said. “But, getting to dress up and spend the night with my friends makes it worth it. If I could change it I would make the tickets a little lower so it can be accessible to more people and make sure the ticket price is worth the experience.”