Wildkat Robotiks kick off year with productive team


photo or infographic by Wildkat Robotiks Twitter page

BRAINSTORMING MEETING. Members of the WIldkat Robotiks team meets in the CTE center to begin plans to meet the assigned challenge.

The Wildkat Robotics team is hitting the ground with wheels spinning this year. The challenged has been assigned, and the team is brainstorming how best to tackle the problem.

The challenge, however, is not the only difficulty the team is facing this year.

“We had too many people trying to join to be able to function as a healthy well-organized machine,” junior Owen Baker said. ”Unfortunately, we had to have an application and interview process in order to limit the number of people on the team, but anyone that wasn’t selected for the main team is on an auxiliary team that floats around and helps out when they can.”

The challenge presented to the team this year is much more difficult than they have experienced in the past.

“Our challenge this year was power play, so basically we have a field with a lot more obstacles and a higher vertical element than ever before,” Baker said. “Our main plan is to go more compact with our robot chassis while still maintaining our ability to go vertical.”

WILDKAT ROBOTIKS. Members of the team take a picture at the start of the season. There is a main team planning to compete and a secondary team to help troubleshoot. (photo or infographic by Wildkat Robotiks Twitter page)

The well-organized functioning machine is already off to an incredible start with team members sacrificing their personal time to benefit the team.

“On a Saturday everyone gathered up ate CTE, and we believe we finally figured out how to go about this challenge,” senior James Rogers said.”We came up with some ideas, and began delegating tasks for this year.”

This year’s team is shaping up to be something to brag about.

“I am very hopeful for this year’s competition,” junior Hannah East said. “We have a lot of experienced members on our team this year, and it’s going to be really fun. We’re getting along great and have some great ideas for this upcoming competition.”

The Wildkat robotics team is set for a great year not only as a team but also as a family.

“I’m really excited for this year,” junior Lily Allen said. “I’m very hopeful for how the team is going to perform this year and really enjoy working with and spending time with the other members of the team.”