God, goals, glory encourage student athletes to join FCA


photo or infographic by Marina Wilson

ALL ARE WELCOME. Coach George Lee talks to prospective members at the first FCA meeting.

In church or on the court, a shared love of Christ brings student-athletes together to join in prayer. Though it was a brief meeting on the morning of Thurs. Sept. 15, it was the first of many and established their goals moving forward. 

Bounding across the court, full of determination, athletes use their love of Christ to push through hard tasks. 

“I can always find motivation in my faith,” sophomore Gabrianna Myers said. “ If I’m ever going through a really hard time with a workout or doing something physical, I know that God is always there.” 

FCA allows Christian students to find a community that has similar motivations. A shared love of Jesus provides students with a sense of connection. 

“I’ve never really had the time to come to meetings before this morning,” junior Elle Wienecke said. “I just love being surrounded by a community that loves Jesus and shares a passion for him.” 

In their everyday lives, students find comfort in their religion as well. Some find that it impacts their interactions throughout the day. 

“I feel like it definitely helps me with motivation,” junior Brice Whitely said. “It makes me want to stay on top of my grades and just do better for myself. My religion just encourages me to be nicer to others, especially to others that aren’t treated incredibly kindly. Everyone deserves respect and kindness. “

While there are an increasing number of students looking to join FCA, there are some that simply can’t make the time to come worship so early in the morning; however, these students are still able to admire the organization and all its work from afar. 

“I think that FCA gives fellow Christian students a safe and judgment-free environment to combine their passion for Jesus and sports,” junior Madalyn Fogleman said. “I feel like it makes people more comfortable talking about Christ and all that he does for us.”