Short and Sweet concert starts choir season on high note


photo or infographic by Ava Hardin

THE MANY FACES OF WILDKAT CHOIR. Taking a group shot after the performance, members of all choir classes come together. The Short and Sweet concert is traditionally the first concert of the year for the program.

Notes crescendo in the cafeteria as the Wildkat choir puts on their first concert for the year. On Thursday, September 22, the choir hosted their annual Short and Sweet concert featuring performances from each class period and a dessert table at the end of the night. It marked the start of the year for choir and set an expectation for what’s to come. 

The brief concert left many feeling hopeful for the year ahead of them, choosing to see the night as a learning experience that will help them in future events.   

“I felt pretty good about our performance,” junior Tripp Brown said. “I feel like there’s always room for improvement, but where we’re at as a choir has shown a lot of growth from the beginning of the year. I hope to continue to see that and that we can excel by the time of UIL. 

The brief concert allowed upperclassmen to see what the new choir members were capable of. The informal environment gave students a chance to build bonds that will carry them through the year.  

“I really liked the way our entire group was able to sing, especially our freshman,” junior Alex Nijera said. “I enjoyed the entire concert. I definitely feel like we bonded a lot more over our nervousness, and we got through it together“

 As the first concert of the year, it served as a learning experience for singers. This showed some what they may need to work on as the school year progresses. 

“It makes me realize how much work I need to put into my singing,” sophomore Ava Foster said. “It lets me know where I am vocally so I can prepare myself to work harder as the year goes on”

For senior members of the choir, this was their last first concert. Some are taking the time to reflect on the elements of it that they’ll miss. 

“With this being my last first concert, I felt sad but also refreshed,” senior Saoirse Gallagher said. “There’s a lot of stress that comes with concerts, but it was bittersweet. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to experience a first concert again.”