Tennis recognizes class of 2023


photo or infographic by Hannah Hartman

SENIOR SPOTLIGHT. Members of the class of 2023 stand with their parents during senior night on Tuesday.

Waking up early for tournaments, skidding feet on green concrete and watching balls bounce over a net. Seniors on the tennis team have been repeating this cycle for a while. Every year, the tennis team hosts a senior night to celebrate the accomplishments of the team members that have been involved for four years.

On Tuesday, September 27, captains and their fellow senior friends enjoyed some time in the spotlight to kick off their last year on the team.

The main goal of a senior night for any extracurricular is to celebrate the accomplishments of those that have stuck with the team for a long time. Seniors earned their moment in the forefront.

ALL SMILES. After being recognized, senior Emma Baron is congratulated by Coach Lisa Parrott on senior night. (photo or infographic by Hannah Hartman)

“It is important to recognize seniors and what they have accomplished throughout their time with the organization,” senior Rohan Patel said. “I’m glad that I am getting recognized for the four years I have been on the team. I had a lot of fun with everyone, I love my team.”

Sticking with the same extracurricular activity all four years of high school may not be a walk in the park. Some seniors run on the court knowing they were there for the highs and lows of tennis.

“I think senior night represents dedication to the program, being on the team for all of the high school and having fun with the team,” senior Blaine Eckert said. “It also feels good to show the rest of the school that we get recognized for our efforts.”

Though some Wildkats don’t like being the talk of the town, they still enjoy a chance for recognition.

“I loved senior night because I got to celebrate tennis with the people I played with for three years,” senior GinElla Mire said. “ I don’t like to be the center of attention, but it was nice being honored by the coaches.”