Band marches to first place

Countless hours under the hot summer sun, afternoons spent perfecting their performance, until it finally paid off.

The Wildkat Marching Band performed their show, Into The Blue and won first place at the US Bands competition  Saturday, Sept. 24.

It can be satisfying to see your show come together.

“The best part of the day is putting it all together and seeing how it flows together,” junior Isabella Gallegos said. “It feels great and I know if we keep pushing forward we will get further and further while seeing a really good final product.”

The competition further prepared the band for later events and performances.

“This contest prepares us for our bigger contests in the coming weeks where we’ll go against bigger schools,” senior Tony Silverio said. “With this contest a lot of the freshmen got a feel of how it’s supposed to work so that helps a lot for the later competitions.”

The very hard work they must endure pays off in the long run when it comes to awards.

“Practicing in the heat and giving it our all every day is hard on all of us,” freshman Chloe Roach said. “Knowing how our hard work paid off on Saturday.”

Seeing hard work pay off is very exciting for those who commit to the work.

“The band had a phenomenal performance. At the awards, we were very very nervous about the results,” freshman Levi Risner said. “Our band was called last but everyone was ecstatic when we heard our name.”

While this competition is behind them and won, they have others in the future to prepare for.

“The best part of the day was being able to walk off the field in relief knowing we did all we could to bring what we needed for that competition,” senior Katie Fairbanks said. “It feels great to know that all the hard work we’ve done these past few months has gotten us this far but the grind doesn’t stop. The contest will help prepare the band since we got such a high score, there’s nowhere to go but up from here on out.”