Junior shows ‘Big Love’ for cancer organization


photo or infographic by Lilly Blue

BIG LOVE. On the Big Day of Giving, junior DeBraun Hampton with Big Love Program Development Director Jessica Creamer, Wildkat Head Coach Trent Miller, Principal Chad Smith and Athletic Director Jason Glenn, presents a $2000 check to Big Love Cancer Care.

Hiding in the shadows ready to pounce, cancer burrows its way through the bodies of family members and jumps out with a goal of destruction. Through the devastation, some family members chose faith and hope over the grief and despair.

That is the goal of junior DeBraun Hampton. After seeing multiple family members fight cancer, he decided he wanted to make a difference.

On October 4, Hampton will kick off the Big Day of Giving by presenting a check to the cancer association, Big Love Cancer Care. His donation, among others on the day, is to be matched 100%  up to $25,000 by the Vincent Solorio Fund. A fund named for a high school student who lost his fight with cancer at 17.

“Big Love is a cancer organization, with the main goal of comforting those infected with the disease,” Hampton said. “They take care of people that can’t afford the hospital bills because nobody is actively preparing for cancer. I decided to help fund some of the organizations’ endeavors, so I started a GoFundMe page. The fundraiser has actually been going really well so far.”

Watching family members go through chemotherapy treatments and ultimately succumb to the disease can make someone recognize certain truths about life. Cancer puts things into perspective.

“We started working with Big Love this summer because many of my family members are fighting cancer, my grandmother is currently in remission,” Hampton said. “I decided to help others that are suffering, with a focus on children. My grandfather died of leukemia in 2016, and it really made my family realize that life-changing events can happen out of nowhere, so we should all love each other and cherish every moment.”

According to Hampton’s mother, Glenda, he has always been a person with a strong faith with a giving heart. His effort raising money for this cause is part of his belief in helping others. 

“DeBraun has such a giving heart, the blessings God gave him aren’t just for him, they are meant to help him serve other people,” Glenda said. “DeBraun grew up in the church and he understands the more he gives the more God will appreciate. My family and I are huge believers in giving back to the community, that is the main reason we have been so supportive of DeBraun’s goal of assisting Big Love. Overall, DeBraun knows the basic thing God calls all of us to do, love one another and help each other.”

Some Wildkats feel connected to DeBraun and his family’s struggles. This allows for their full support in his efforts. 

“My grandmother passed away from cancer in 2019 because the only treatment was chemo, and she didn’t want to lay in a hospital bed,” senior Caleb Schultz said. “I am glad that DeBraun and other organizations are trying to raise funds for cancer associations because, the more research that is done, the fewer people have to suffer.”

Cancer may come out of nowhere and scatter the souls of family members around, but according to Debraun, any family that keeps love in the forefront of their mind is prepared to fight back.

“I believe that anyone can work through cancer in their family,” Hampton said. “Even though cancer can surprise everybody and tear a family apart if people stick to their faith and keep god in their heart, they can make it out of those feelings of despair.”