STUCO makes impact by working on ‘home away from home’


photo or infographic by courtesy of Amber Brumlow

DOING THEIR PART. Members of the student council pick up trash on the side of the road in front of the school on the first trash pick up of the year. Five organizations gathered together to improve the campus.

SATURDAY MORNING VOLUNTEERS. Members of Stuco organized a trash pick up on Oct. 1. Sixty five students showed up to make the high school a better place to be. (photo or infographic by courtesy of Amber Brumlow)

The sun rises on an early Saturday morning, most of Willis is still in bed getting the beauty sleep they have been missing out on for the past week. While most are still sound asleep, a handful of clubs are up making the campus cleaner.

On October 1, 2022, the Student Council teamed up with numerous organizations and clubs and participated in a trash pick-up day to help support a cleaner campus. The motivation to give back to the campus community that provided so much for the students was a driving factor for students to get involved.

“The driving factor behind the trash pick-up was simply the need to have a cleaner campus,” student body president senior Kolby Sebastian said. “Coming together as an organization and collaborating with other clubs showed the school-wide push towards bettering our school.”

Student Council takes great pride in making our school a better environment and more enjoyable to attend

BAGS AND BAGS. FIlling a truck bed, bags of trash wait to be dumped after the trash pick up. (photo or infographic by courtesy of Amber Brumlow)

“As STUCO, it’s our job to make Willis High School a better, more fun place to attend,” senior Jessica Holliday said. “We have to take care of our home away from home.”

Student Council is an organization that allows students to build leadership skills while being able to volunteer for numerous different projects and other activities.

“Being involved in Student Council is a chance to give back, and we do this through activities and service projects.” Sebastian said. “The trash pick-up was a perfect example of everyone coming together, and showing that student council can make picking up trash fun.”