Tradition meets personality in creation of overalls, mums


photo or infographic by KE Rushing

OVERALL, A GREAT DAY TO BE A WILDKAT. The overalls, mums and garters worn by seniors on the Friday of homecoming were as diverse as the students who wore them. Lights, boas, fringe and bells were just some ways the seniors added their touch to the traditions.

“Don’t try so hard to fit in, and certainly don’t try to be different just try hard to be you.” -Zendaya 

Senior traditions have been around this high school for generations. And for years each incoming group of freshmen look at the seniors and can’t wait to get there so they can experience the senior sunrise, homecoming court, and most of all the senior overalls tradition on homecoming week. The senior overalls has been something people have been waiting to experience for years, and now that time has finally come for the 2023 graduating class. 

Amazon has been the popular site to buy overalls that are affordable and get in quickly so seniors can start decorating them at home. 

“I bought my overalls from Amazon this year,” senior Janice Talley said. “I’ve been waiting for all of these senior traditions since I was a freshman and got to watch the others. I love the senior overalls tradition, and I already started them a week ago, but I’m still not finished.”

While Amazon has been popular and making them at home is a fun experience, some seniors that are excited for the tradition send them to a professional to create cute and ready to go overalls. 

“I ordered my senior overalls on Amazon and had them made by Kim from Flip Flop Bling,” senior Maddie Macaluso said. “I am excited about the overalls because it’s a thing only seniors get to do and they are really cute. The senior traditions make school fun and it took about two and a half weeks to get mine finished.” 

SILVER AND WHITE. The traditional senior mum is silver and white, but purple, black and all colors in between adorned mums and overalls on Friday. (photo or infographic by Lilly Blue)

Along with Amazon being the go to site to buy overalls, the shop Flip Flop Bling has become very popular for the seniors who send their overalls to get prepped and ready for wearing on friday. 

“I ordered my overalls off of Amazon,” senior Lainey Neiderhofer said. “I love the traditions senior’s have because it’s ours and we are the only ones that get to wear our senior overalls. My overalls are super cute, and I got them made at Flip Flop Bling.” 

Senior traditions are very important for not just the senior student body, but also for the remaining classes of juniors, sophomores, and freshmen that are getting purpled out to show their school spirit. 

“I love senior traditions,” senior Saoirse Gallagher said. “I try to participate in every one that I can. I believe that traditions are important to a spirited student body and that a great tradition can last forever.”