Gold chain cowboy brings local buzz to rodeo line up

TO BE LOVED BY YOU. Conroe native Parker McCollum was annoucened as the opening act by the Houston Livestock and Rodeo.

photo or infographic by courtesy of HSLR

TO BE LOVED BY YOU. Conroe native Parker McCollum was annoucened as the opening act by the Houston Livestock and Rodeo.

Loud cheering from the stands. The scent of barn all around. Jamming out to the best country music. The lights flashing all around. The strums of the guitar echoing around the whole stadium. From small town to big time artist, country singer Parker McCollum has been given the honor of opening the 2023 Houston rodeo. 

His cousin,  sophomore Molly McCollum, is incredibly proud of him. She knows he was born for great things and that his success is very well deserved. She can’t wait to see him open up for the rodeo to see how he has accomplished his dreams.

“I love knowing his dreams are finally becoming reality,” sophomore Molly McCollum said. “He played at the rodeo last year, so I think him opening is crazy. I’m beyond happy for everything he has accomplished. Since he’s my cousin, it’s very cool to experience all the fame he brings when he is around.  I always knew he would get to be where he is, and I know that he will get even bigger one day. He is the most humble person when it comes to fame and I believe he deserves every bit of it.”

Students from the school share how incredible it is to witness Parker McCollum’s success as he grew up in Montgomery County.

“It feels pretty amazing to know a small town boy from Conroe, Texas is going to be opening for the Houston rodeo,” sophomore Dena Diggs said. “That is such a big deal and a huge accomplishment for him. Being able to watch him go from being a new singer and seeing him at our games to watching his cousins. Now he has so many popular songs all across the country, performing concerts, hearing him on the radio and now getting to open for the Houston Rodeo. I know that his family and everyone from his hometown is so proud of him.” 

As the rodeo draws closer, students can’t wait to experience the event as Parker McCollum has a special place in people’s heart, even more so that he is from the area.

“I think that it is super exciting that he’s going to be at the Rodeo, and even more exciting that he’s opening up,” senior Kamryn Willey said. “I do plan on going and I’m excited for the whole concert, especially him walking out on stage. I think it’s super awesome that someone from this area has made it so far and now has the opportunity to perform at the Houston Rodeo.”

Another student who has grown up with the McCollum family is proud of this small town boy who is  pursuing his passion in life.

“I think it’s cool to know that he came from the Conroe area and that he now like performing everywhere and growing so much, so it’s interesting to see how you can come from somewhere so small become so popular and great,” sophomore Giavanna Casso said. “Molly, who is Parker McCollum’s cousin, is actually also my cousin, but I’ve never met Parker before because it’s like different sides of the family, but it’s crazy because whenever we were little we would always talk about how we saw him becoming super popular and famous. It’s so exciting to see how he’s now performing everywhere and even opening for the Houston Rodeo.”