Small things can improve students moods


photo or infographic by Emily Meachen

HAPPY DAYS. Sometimes the littlest thing like seeing a pretty flower or a smile from a friend can make a day a little brighter.

On a dreary day, storm clouds descending as students walk into the school building, it’s easy to get bogged down.  For many students, coming to school every day is tiring to say the least, so finding small things to give them a little bit of excitement helps them endure it. Small things sprinkled throughout the day have the power to vastly improve students’ moods. 

With all the information students have on their minds it’s easy to let a few things slip through the cracks. Forgetful students get a rush of euphoria when they open their backpacks to find long-lost treasures in the depths.

“I found my inhaler in my backpack which was great,” junior Gracie Saucedo said. “Then also just having my water bottle because I need that to survive because I’m like involved in theater arts and choir and I just need my voice.” 

While small surprises bring joy to some students, others find comfort in the familiarity of their classrooms. 

“Teachers like Mr. Manning or Mrs. Henderson really make my day,” junior CJ Nunez said. “It’s just something about the way that they teach.”

Many students take comfort in words of affirmation or boosting their mood through the time they spend with their friends. 

“Whenever somebody just compliments me or is like obnoxiously funny and makes me laugh,” freshman Leryn Trahan said. “When my friends take a really funny photo of me in 0.5 it’s really funny.”

From classrooms to the bathroom,  there’s almost always something small strewn about the building that’s just waiting to make a Wildkats’ day. 

“Well if I was still in Spanish then I’d say finding a peso on the floor,”  sophomore Brynn Hardin said. But one time someone wrote a bunch of nice sticky notes and stuck them on the mirrors in the bathroom, and it really made my day.