La Niña will keep cold away


photo or infographic by Michael Scholowinski

LA NIÑA BLUES. Winter is coming, but it could hold back the cold until 2023.

This year is expected to be a La Niña year with an expected 75% chance of it going through December and a 54% chance of it going through till April. This almost certain event has been happening, according to the Climate Prediction Center, for three consecutive winters in a row now. While it may not feel like it, the area is getting hotter temperatures during the winter months until the end of January, where February will most likely get colder. This year though it will most likely stay hot during February. 

With the La Niña year bringing colder temperatures to the north and a warmer climate to the south, Texas should expect a warmer winter through the rest of this year and into 2023. 

While La Niña years and its counterpart El Niño usually happen every three to five years according to the CPC, yet in recent years it’s been back to back. The warmer months, while maybe not feeling warmer, actually will help the South with the climate being slightly warmer. The problem with this though is that the South is going to stay dry throughout the winter, with very little rainfall predicted during this time. With the lack of rainfall the area are unlikely to see snow until possibly after the dry period ends or next winter. Unlikely snow can be upsetting for many students, but it means less wrecks and dangerous conditions for students driving to and from school. It can also mean that enjoying Thanksgiving and Christmas break might be a little nicer, with only a hot chocolate to make you feel warm. A warm winter may not be as fun as a snow filled winter wonderland, but it can still be really fun with a few good trips to non-traditional Christmas time spots. 

The La Niña year that is happening is a very odd event that has been happening for the past few years, but it can also be detrimental to Texas. The dry period that the La Niña is bringing back to Texas could bring a major drought to the people of Texas. According to The Texas Tribune, “Almost the entire state of Texas is experiencing a severe level of drought, and only a few corners of the state,” which means Texas could see water limits and less available water across the state. This detrimental weather to Texas could be insanely horrible not just to students, but to everyone across the state and especially to farmers that critically need that water to keep their crops from failing during these times. This crisis has not gotten horrible yet, but if things do not let up then Texas could be facing more than just being upset about a lack of snow.