Band travels for UIL, brings home Sweepstakes


photo or infographic by Maddie Fogleman

LOVING SUPPORT. Surprised by the show of love for the band and guard as they leave for contest, junior Nevaeh Scholwinski reacts with her arms loaded,

Marching proudly across the field, instruments gleaming in the Texas sun, the Wildkat band made their mark this week. On Tuesday, Oct. 18, the band traveled to their UIL competition at Woodforest stadium and left the field with a Sweepstakes. 

This year band received supportive gifts such as notes and posters from organizations all around campus. 

“We’ve felt more supported than any other year and it’s really encouraging to see the community come out to see us,” junior Andrew Murray said. “I think it’s a good example of how we should be acting for all our other extracurriculars. We felt so hyped up when we finally walked off the field.”

The grand display of support this year served as a warm welcome to the UIL contest season for newer members of the band. Some freshmen are taking their experience as a chance to push themselves and make their predecessors proud. 

As a new member of the high school band, all the encouragement makes me feel like people really care about our organization,” freshman Robbi King said. “Right now I’m really pushing myself to get better and make it to area so we can continue the legacy of the groups before us.” 

The praise, the cheers, the round of applause; all this combined to make the band’s contest of the school year one that they’ll never forget. 

“My favorite part was in the beginning when they called our names and everyone started cheering,” sophomore Kaden Hunter said. “I hope that those coming in can see all the great things that are happening this year and that they can be inspired to join the band.”

Underclassmen fighting their way through UIL is a common practice in the Wildkat band, but some senior members find themselves falling back into that mindset. Getting back to old stomping grounds and playing their heart out at area as a throwback to their freshman year is the goal of many 2023 seniors. 

“I’m really fighting to get to area to leave the band program the same way I started it,” senior Brody Trahan said. “I had the opportunity to go to state my freshman year, and I’d love the chance to go back.”