Cross country team races to finish in tough district meet


photo or infographic by Emma Lowe

LAST FINISH. At the district meet at College Park, senior Odette Cantor finishes the last meet of her high school career.

Heart racing. Sweat dropping. The finish line only being a couple feet away. The cross country team competed at the district meet hosted at College Park on Oct. 13, 2022. 

Running in the race, students on the team share their goals for a stronger mindset in the future after finishing cross country.

“The meet went unexpectedly because it didn’t feel as if it was district,” senior Chloe Robles said. “I know that it wasn’t my best race of the season, but I am proud of myself that I finished the race. I hope to improve my mental strength and speed during my off season in order to have my best season my senior year.”

IN THE WOODS. Making his way through the course, junior Thomas Hayes runs at the district meet at College Park. (photo or infographic by Emma Lowe)

As the season ends, one of the seniors is content with her score, but never stopped hoping to meet her goal.

It went well, I think I did pretty good. I wish I could’ve gotten under 22 for my last meet,” said senior Abby Taylor.

Although the seniors are leaving, students who have another year left are looking forward to how they can improve next season.

“I believe the meet went well,” junior Kinley Gibbs said. “It was a great team experience and I believe we all did great. However we do have room for improvement. I hope to improve my endurance and race strategy for the following season.”