Astros sweep ALCS, ready for World Series challenge

Students give their predictions for the championship series


photo or infographic by Skylar Horton

WORLD SERIES READY. As the first game starts today, fans are confident that the Astros will prevail.

As the American League championship comes to a close, the Astros have completed their sweep of the Yankees. The effort given by Verlander’s pitching and Alvarez’s hitting has finally paid off as the Astros well deservingly head to the World Series for the first time in five years. Champagne is popped and celebrations are in order for both the city of Houston and Philadelphia. 

Game one of the World Series kicks off Friday night as the undefeated postseason Astros take on the Phillies in the most anticipated baseball game of the year. The Astros are looking to continue their streak tonight and the fans of the ‘Stros are confident in their ability to do so.

“I think the Astros will take game one, with a score of 5-3,” senior Jackson Leggett said.

The general consensus of Astros fans all around believe that even though it might be tough at some points, the city of Houston will still come out on top in six games or less. 

“I think the Astros will win the World Series in six games taking game one, losing game two, winning three and four, losing five, and winning game six #gostros,” senior Braydon Hawthorne said.

The series may be long, but the results will be in the Astros favor.

“I think the series will end up being close, but I believe the Astros will take it all in game six,” senior Jackson Leggett said. 

Another interesting prediction is of the World Series MVP, an award given to the best player during the World Series is a hot topic for loyal Astros fans. Many believe it will be left fielder and known heavy hitter, Yordan Alvarez. 

“I think Yordan Alvarez will be the World Series MVP,” sophomore Jesus Garcia said.