Politics not priority for students

NOVEMBER 8. This is the first time many seniors can exercise their right to vote. (photo or infographic by John Gaspard on Canva)

On November 8, 2022 Texas will hold an election for its new governor, with many seniors finally turning 18 and being capable of voting for the first time in their lives this is an opportunity for them to truly express their feelings and opinions in a way that actually has an impact.

Students seem rather surprised at the fact that their new governor will be elected in just one month. They’re not even aware of the candidates. 

“No, I didn’t know there was an election this year. Who’s even running?” senior Kimberly Munoz said. 

 Likely due to the fact that they’re not of age to participate, underclassmen are also rather unaware of the election.

“I had no idea there was an election. I’ve been too busy with school and football,” freshman Colten Crenshaw said.

For some students though, the election, and even politics as a whole, simply aren’t a priority.

“I know about the race, but I’m not gonna vote because I don’t really care about politics,” senior James Rogers said.

For other students though, politics are both relevant and important to their lives. This lack of awareness may lead some to believe that the youth as a whole simply doesn’t care about politics, as for them, they will just have to wait until election day and see how many teens and young adults make their voices heard.

“People didn’t know there was an election? How?” senior Kyle Wells said. “Yeah of course I’m gonna vote, why wouldn’t I?”