Embrace all perfect things about fall


photo or infographic by Emily Meachen with DALL-E2

IT’S FALL Y’ALL. Pumpkins, festivals and cooler weather makes fall worth celebrating.

With winter on the horizon and summer having come to an end, the weather is finally dropping below the 90 degree mark for longer than a few hours at night, people are starting to change up their routines and daily activities. Swimming is turning into hunting, ice cold sweet tea is becoming piping hot pumpkin spice lattes, popping fireworks for the 4th of July is now trick or treating on Halloween. However the change in weather isn’t making everyone happy, some may be upset at not being able to do those fun summer activities anymore. 

While this is fair these people are wrong and should stop talking because cold weather is amazing. It’s better than hot weather by a landslide and the level of slander about cold weather is ridiculous. 

For one, fashion flourishes in the cold because everyone can wear as many layers as they want and stack cute things on cute things. All of the best flavors come out during the cold like cinnamon and pumpkin spice. All of the best and most vibrant colors come out for just a few months before winter comes and makes everything white, gray and boring. 

In terms of temperature everything is absolutely perfect. It’s not quite too cold to enjoy without heavy clothes, but it also isn’t so scorchingly hot outside people pretty much resort to wearing their underwear. It floats around a perfect 50-70 degrees outside and it’s wonderful.

Not to mention Halloween: the atmosphere, the scares, the candy. It’s perfect down to every last detail.

— John Gaspard

The activities are no slouch either. While they may not be a beach trip like in the summer, or sledding like in the winter, in return the farms everywhere are ripe for picking fresh delicious crops, and going to corn mazes and pumpkin patches are family traditions for many all over the country. Not to mention Halloween: the atmosphere, the scares, the candy. It’s perfect down to every last detail.

In conclusion, autumn is the best time of the year and people should appreciate it more. It’s just as good if not better than summer with its amazing weather, colors, atmosphere, activities and memories.