Students visit museum dedicated to funeral history

FUNERAL FASCINATIONS. At the National Museum of Funeral History, senior Kenneth Chatman enjoys the exhibits of the museum featuring 17 fascinating exhibits on the world’s funeral cultures, from ancient Egypt to modern times. (photo or infographic by Emma Lowe)

Sitting on the school bus with the anticipation to get to the destination. Bringing money for souvenirs. Learning new facts about the everyday world. The business class and senior photography class took a trip to the Museum of Funeral History this past Wednesday, which ironically also occurred just in time for the halloween season.

As students from different classes combined together as one, they built friendships with each other while also learning an interesting topic.

“I really enjoyed the trip because of the new friends I made, it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, but in the end I turned out having an amazing time,” senior Chloe Henderson said.

The museum held information in it that most students do not typically learn about, enhancing the experience they had.

“Yes, I enjoyed the field trip,” senior Parris Collins said. “It was a good experience and I saw stuff that I’ve never seen before and I learned a lot of different things that happened in history.”

The idea of a funeral museum might be seen as a negative, boring experience, but after being there, it was the complete opposite of their prior expectations.

“My favorite part was learning Peter was a pope,” senior Kenneth Chatman said. “I expected it to be pretty lame, but I liked the experience. I had fun with all my friends, and I got to learn about different popes. I also got to do a scavenger hunt around the museum.”

Students also claim that the field trip was completely different from their expectations. In fact the museum exceeded their expectations.

“I enjoyed being able to hang out with people from other classes with the same interests as me,” senior Laci Dorough said. “Since there are multiple photography class periods, I’m with the same people. It was nice to be with people in the other classes too. It is not exactly what I expected because I didn’t think it was going to be as interactive. I like how it had multiple rooms and halls. I learned how death was looked at in history, and I liked being able to know it and compare it to what we do today.”