Astros strike out in game one, three

Team trails 2-1 after a previous undefeated run in postseason


photo or infographic by Reid Henderson on Canva

#LEVEL UP. Astros need a win tonight in game four of the World Series.

Anticipation comes to a head as the long awaited World Series Championship finally kicks off with the ALCS champions, the Houston Astros at home for game one, two, six, and seven of the series. Whether the fans love Altuve or Harper, everyone in attendance can appreciate the talent displayed on the field as they head to head to game four tonight. 

The formidable Astros are down 2-1 for the first time in the postseason, and things are not looking well after a hard fought loss last Friday and an embarrassing one last night. Game one stretched into the 10th inning where the Phillies took the lead and the ‘Stros could not answer. The loss in game one was answered in game two, but the Phillies embarrassed the Astros in game three with a final score of 7-0. Some Astros fans are feeling the heat for the first time all postseason.

“The Phillies crowd is super loud and I think the Astros have gotten in their own heads,” senior Trey Bennett said. “Four points per game is just not enough for a win and the pitching has been lackluster.”

Fans feel like many factors could have contributed to the Astros losing to the Phillies in game one and three.

“Bryce Harper is the factor that has led to the Astros loss because of the elite level he has been playing at,” junior Greg Moore said. “In the first game, Verlander was doing well, but they hit the switch and shut him down completely. The Astros are playing bad baseball and need to deal with the loss and move on to the next.”

Whether it was game one jitters, overconfidence, or the roof being open, everyone has their own opinion of this exciting series. 

“Honestly as a fan, the Astros could be doing a lot more but I still think it’s absolutely possible to have a great comeback and force a game seven #houstonstrong,” senior Noah Williams said.