Cosmetology learns scary skills with special effects guest speaker

SCARY STUFF. Demonstrating how to create a wound, guest speaker Monica uses Emma Atkinson as a model. Monica showed the students techniques, then they practiced on each other. (photo or infographic by courtesy of WHS Cosmo)

Cosmetology students were dying to learn all the tips and tricks of SFX work on Monday, Oct. 24. They were greeted by a special guest who showed them the ropes of special effects makeup.  

For senior members of the cosmetology course, the date of their certification exam is quickly approaching. Class periods like this offer a change of pace that distracts from the anticipated stress and pushes students to explore the scope of their abilities. 

“It definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone,” senior Emma Adkison said. “I really enjoyed it more because it was different from our usual classwork and it pushed me out of my comfort zone.”

With covid restrictions, limitations kept cosmetology students from being able to interact with, and experiment on their peers as they trudged through their coursework. With this project, wildkats were able to reach out to those around them to try out their spooky new skills. 

“We got to learn a lot of new things and I just think it’s so cool how you can make something synthetic look so realistic,” junior Bailey Runnels said. “In previous years, covid restrictions kept us from working on our peers in the salon but this time it was really cool because we got to work on each other.”

The variation in the SFX lesson offered students more perspective on the field of cosmetology. It showed them how their work could be so much more than hair and makeup and gave them the chance to truly transform their materials. 

SCARS. Sophomore Railey Gunnels practices the techniques taught by guest speaker on fellow cosmetology student Stormy Abramovich. (photo or infographic by courtesy of WHS Cosmo)

“The guest showed us how cosmetology isn’t just hair and makeup and gave us a chance to venture out and learn stuff we wouldn’t usually learn in the process of getting our license,” junior Abigail Hayes said. “It was so fun getting the chance to get away from bookwork and see what I could do.” 

For some cosmetology students, the guest speaker brought back memories of their principles course where they were first introduced to the concepts of SFX. 

“Thinking back on the guest we had last year, it was really cool to see how different this was from our usual work,” said junior Kate Wiltshire. “I feel like learning stuff like this helps inspire me in other areas like makeup and nail designs.