Old Halloween traditions mixed with new ideas during softball boot camp


photo or infographic by Hannah Hartman

YOU HAVE A FRIEND IN ME. Working on her Woody pumpkin, sophomore Zoey Varner paints during softball bootcamp.

BABY, BABY. Holding her pumpkin dressed in a diaper, senior Jolie Boyd in her mom costume shows off her handiwork.

Trading pitching for painting and home runs for hocus pocus, softball hosted the second week of bootcamp last Thursday with a pumpkin painting competition. 

Softball offseason is filled with conditioning and strength training to get ready for the upcoming season. However, softball is also filled with competitions that bring every class together to compete for the winning rank each week of bootcamp. For the last two months of offseason the softball class gets together in five teams of different classes and competes with physically, mentally, and creatively challenging contests to win the white bandana at the end of bootcamp. 

New ideas mixed with the same traditions sparks creativity and competition. 

“My partner and I wanted to do a disco pumpkin because we wanted to wear our 70s costume and we thought it would be cute,” senior Lauren Hues said. “I painted pumpkins last year during bootcamp and at home for Halloween, the best part of that was not having to work out. I think Mallori and I will win and for bootcamp next week. I think Coach T is going to set up either an obstacle course or relay race.” 

Having fun with the presence of others spreads creativity toward painting pumpkins. 

IT LIVES. Straight out of a Stephen King nightmare, freshman Haley Giles carries her pumpkin painted like a clown. (photo or infographic by Hannah Hartman)

“My partner and I painted a pig for our pumpkin,” freshman Hana Hudson said. “I loved seeing everyone else’s ideas and getting to talk with them about why they chose the design they did for their pumpkins. There were a couple of pumpkins that I think are in the running to win the contests, I don’t know who the final winner will be though.” 

Competitions bring creativity to the surface, and watching everyone else’s ideas come together on their pumpkins was a different experience. 

“My partner and I made a zombie themed pumpkin for the competition,” sophomore Amerson Radley said. “We thought it was cute and last year I only painted pumpkins during bootcamp. Seeing everyone’s different ideas for their pumpkins was funny to see, and the one I think is going to win the competition is definitely the beekeeper themed pumpkin.”