Donate blood, save lives


photo or infographic by Katrina King

HERO PASS. HOSA members seniors Lizbeth Sanchez and Anai Rivera encourage all students 17 and older to sign up for the blood drive on Monday. Give blood, be a hero.

Drawing blood is something a lot of people are probably very squeamish about and can feel scary when first signing up. Drawing blood from the body is definitely not a common thing that happens every single day, but it can be worth it to donate blood for both others and for the person donating blood. It may not be obvious at first, but after seeing the benefits, it will make anyone reconsider donating blood.

Signing up for the Blood Drive at any time, even when it might be scary or disgusting, is the right thing to do.

While it may seem obvious to all, donating to the blood drive is a huge benefit to others. Donating blood can help save lives is a major part of the benefits to going through with donating. According to the Community Blood Center, around 2.5 million people will need a blood transfusion and one pint of blood could save three lives, making donating blood seem like a necessity. While it is not compulsory to donate blood, it is a huge need that many hospitals need each and every day to keep saving lives. Helping not just people who need the blood transfusion, but the people who need it vitaly to keep doing their job and save others as well. The importance of donating blood to help save others is a big part, but it could also be healthy for people to donate blood. According to an article from Columbia, it could prevent high blood pressure, possibly limiting heart attacks and strokes as well as blood clots. The benefit of not dying from a heart attack seems almost obvious, but also helping with high blood pressure in some people. Benefiting yourself through blood donations is not the first thing many think of, but donating could truly even save your life as well as someone else’s.

 If the benefits to others and health should not be enough, it could also give a student a slightly relaxing break from class as well. Students who are signed up will be pulled for a specific time to donate, so it would be possible to miss class for a small bit, which may be a deal breaker for some, but for others may be a deal sealer. There will also get a free snack and juice after donating, a little homage and specially needed treats for those that feel a little woozy after the donation.  This all and all may be small, but it is a very nice treat for those helping lives and others just by sitting around and giving something needed for so many people.

Healthy body individuals, above 17-years-old and above 120 pounds, should really consider donating blood to the blood drive on Monday. Sign up today at lunch.