Opportunities of the Marine Corps


photo or infographic by Alyssa Beaulac

SEMPER FI. The Marines hosted a information session during WIldkat Way.

This past Thursday Staff Sergeant Thompson came to talk with the students to inform the young men and women of Willis High School on the different opportunities and benefits that the Marine Corps have to offer. 

The Marine Corps is an intense, difficult path that may not be for everyone but it also has many different advantages and opportunities that other jobs may not have. It offers tuition assistance, CLEP: marines pay no test fee, and the NROTC scholarship where you can get up to $180,000.

“I’ve always wanted to go into law enforcement after high school,” junior Skyler Horton said. “I have to pay for college on my own, and while I believe I could get accepted into Sam Houston it still costs a lot. So I figure if I join I could get the experience and they will pay for my college after I serve. So that’s the benefit in itself and more departments would choose me with the experience of being a marine.”

The Marine Corps is a great option to better yourself, put your past behind you and to grow into a hard working, successful individual. 

I joined the Marine Corps because I didn’t really have much going for me in High School,” Private first class Owen McLean said. “I thought that If I were to join the marine corps, I could do my time and serve, then I could go to college.”

Being a part of this organization is difficult. It will take dedication, hard work, and persistence. You will have to push yourself past your limits.

“Growth never happens within your comfort zone,” Sergeant David Guidry said. “Right when you take chances and you step out of your comfort zone is when you grow as an individual and that’s when you grow as an individual and that’s when you become successful.”