Marching band closes out memorable season at area competition

Trumpets rise, drums beat in the distance, all of the hard work from the countless hours of practicing in the scorching heat finally pays off as the competition finally arrives. Anticipation is in the air, but so is confidence. The jewels on the drum major’s faces sparkle in the sunlight as they take the field. 

On Saturday, October 29th, the marching band performed at the area competition with their performance, Into the Blue. They played very well and finished high in the competition, but did not make the state contest.

“I definitely believe that was our best performance to date. I was extremely proud, walking off that field,” senior Benjamin Bowles said. “I believe that although there was stuff that could have been done better, at the end of the day, that was the best way to perform the show. I’m glad that that was our last performance.” 

While this was one of their best performances to date, the season has sadly ended for the band. 

“Although it is rather sad that the prospect of making state is no longer a reality. I think where we ended was definitely a worthwhile ending to the four years I’ve spent in band,” Bowles said.

The season may be over, but many lessons were learned to allow for improvement. 

“I feel like for this year overall we did great, better than last year,” junior Blaise Rivero said. “Overall, there were a few bands that were better than us, but will be better for next year. We just need to be prepared for what’s coming at us, and just be confident of what we’re doing next year.” 

The season could have never advanced the way it did without the family that was created between these students. 

“The familial bond I feel with everyone in the band doesn’t even begin to match what I feel with most other people within my normal classes in high school,” Bowles said.

Seniors in organizations are always a huge help to the success of the program, and while it is sad to see them go, the lessons they taught will carry on forever. 

“This year we had so many strong seniors, but we also have a lot of other strong people here,” Rivero said. “I think that when they leave, we will still be in a good place. “The band will definitely miss them but we will still be very strong.” 

The memories created this season are something that will never be forgotten, and they have created yet another enjoyable year. 

“Probably one of my favorite things about being drum major this year is the memories I have seen being created in front of me,” senior Sophia Cruz said. “I usually have lived through the moments, but being able to see how everyone reacts, how happy they get, how they feel after a performance. Knowing that I got to lead others and see them step up. Seeing how happy marching band has made them. The memories they started creating themselves like I did at one point.”