The new and enveloping world of Enola Holmes 2


photo or infographic by courtesy of Netflix

THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES. Enola once again joins forces with her brother Sherlock to solve the mystery of a disappear woman.

“Perhaps I should write that down,” Sherlock Holmes said. 

Enola Holmes, played by Millie Bobby Brown, proceeds on her first case as a detective to solve the case of a missing woman Sarah, played by Hannah Dodd. However, this case is bigger than it seems and Enola seeks out for help from an old ally Lord Tewkesbury, played by Louis Partridge, and her brother Sherlock, played by Henry Cavill. 

This movie embarks on the adventure of Enola working with her brother Sherlock to crack both of their mystery cases that have a peculiar connection. Along with solving cases Enola and Tewkesbury discover hidden emotions as they travel together to acquire proof and reveal the truth of a dangerous corruption. 

The story writer, Nancy Springer, and director, Harry Bradbeer made a cinematic masterpiece that was engulfed in growth, young love, and discovering the fight they have for one another. This movie captivated real-life complications and obstacles that were resolved through coming together and expanding their minds beyond their past limits. 

When they came together throughout the movie to help one another not only solve their cases but tell each other the truth to grow closer, it brought the story full circle. Bringing in all the clues, revealing hidden secrets, connecting allies, and showing the character growth were the key components of this film. I would recommend watching Enola Holmes before taking in Enola Holmes 2; to allow yourself to understand past relationships and truly see the character growth within these two films. 

Overall, I highly recommend this movie series to anyone who likes adventure, mystery/crime, comedy, and young romance. Excited to see if a third movie comes out of the cliffhangers the directors left the audience to swallow from this last movie.