Alumni game challenges team, prepares them for district play


photo or infographic by courtesy of Willis Womens Soccer

ALUMNI WANTED. The girls soccer team will play a team composed of former players on Dec. 3.

It is time for alumni to dust off those old shin guards and lace up their soccer cleats. On December 3rd at Berton A. Yates Stadium, the girls soccer team us current is hosting an alumni game.

A new twist is that some of the alumni are now also coaching the sport they played in high school.

“A large part of our alumni still play soccer in college, university clubs, adult leagues, so it’s important for current players to learn how their able to continue to play after they graduate,” alumni and current coach for the JV soccer team Destiny Haliburton said. “As an alumni myself, I know exactly what it feels like to wear the Willis soccer crest. I hope to bring back older alumni who might not have been to recent games.”

This alumni game also brings the community back together bringing past to the present, giving the alumni a chance to reflect on the past and see how far Willis has improved throughout the years.

“This alumni game gives us what we need to work on before the season starts and also a chance to challenge ourselves, bringing the intensity we need for this season,” senior Lucy Smith said. “It brings a friendly rivalry between past and current players to have fun with each other during a nice game of soccer.”

The alumni game shows the girls soccer team a chance to see how far they developed themselves this summer in the off season with also challenging themselves against some alumni players who continued to play even after high school. Giving a friendly chance to go against their coaches as well, for all the running the coach made them do for conditioning.

“I’m so excited and i’m curious to see all the former soccer players come to the game,” junior Zoey White said.  “Also it gives us opportunities to ask them questions about their experience and knowledge about the game.”

The alumni players can leave a big mark on the current players. It builds a community that continues to grow year after year.

“The yearly tradition is important because it helps keep current and past players connected,” Haliburton said.  “It’s special when alumni bring their kids to the game and we get to see their families growth each year.”