Week dedicated to students looking towards futures, opportunities


LOOKING FORWARD. Nov. 14-17 is Generation Texas Week. Generation texas was created to place an emphasis on students on their next steps after high school.

Wildkats are going places

The week of Nov. 14-17 is marked as Generation Texas week for Willis High School. Filled with dress-up days and many more fun activities, it is a week created to place an emphasis on the ‘Next Steps After High School’ for students. The focus is mainly on College as a next step, but it will focus on all aspects, such as Military Enlistment, Trade School, Two Year Colleges, Four Year Colleges, and Careers.

“It was originally started for college-bound students, but we like to look at all areas because everybody has their own different choices.” College and Career Counselor Tricia Neumann said. “We like to support all forward-thinking students.”

Each dress-up day showcases each route that students take after high school. Camo day for military enlistment, Career day for future career, and even a college shirt day where seniors can wear their overalls with their college of choice.

“I’m excited for college shirt day because I get to wear my Texas A&M shirt,” junior Addison Lyons said. “Texas A&M is where I plan to go after high school.”

With the theme of the week being looking forward to the next chapter, there will be numerous different people from different colleges coming to Willis to present opportunities to seniors as graduation starts peeking around the corner.

“We have College of the Ozarks coming on Wednesday during Wildkat Way,” Neumann said. “Seniors can sign up for the presentation through an emailed form.”

A sweet, caffeinated treat will also be in store for seniors on Tuesday courteous from the counseling staff of WHS.

“Tuesday is senior iced coffee day, one of my favorite days of the year,” Neumann said. “We are encouraging seniors to send acceptance letters, scholarship offers, military enlistment paperwork, or just ask a college and career related question to receive an iced coffee.”