Mean, green, recycling machines

Student Council starts recyclables drive for National Recycling Day


photo or infographic by Jason Clark

BOX OF BOTTLES. For the recycling drive, boxes are left out that can be filled with plastic bottles and aluminum cans.

The sound of tireless machinery fills the air of the factory. The hiss of steam. The whirring of the conveyor belts. Here, millions of tons of plastic are being produced for every kind of reason imaginable. Wrapping on medical equipment, doll shoes, and water bottles, all made from the same versatile material. Unfortunately, the majority of these products will find their way into the environment as pollution and litter. A branch of the student council wants to combat this issue on the front lines.

For National Recycling Day on Nov. 15, the Energy and Environment Committee will be conducting a drive for water bottles and cans.

The Energy and Environment Committee has always been dedicated to helping the environment both around Willis High School and the community as a whole. For the members of the committee, this is just one way they can give back to the world around them.

“We are collecting cans and recyclables for National Recycling Day,” senior Julia Humphrey said. “Once we collect them we are going to be making decorations out of them.”

National Recycling Day is time when the nation can come together to aid the environment by picking up waste and directly helping the ecosystem.

“National recycling day is a day where everyone comes together to recognize the importance of recycling and how it can help our community,” senior and head of the committee Peyton Sewell said. “This year, we thought that it would be a good idea to utilize our energy and environment committee and encourage people to donate water bottles and soda cans, and we could make a fun repurposing of it.”

The original idea for the project was a product of the whole committee which is composed of a diverse group of students gathered from different grades and backgrounds.

“We came up with the idea by brainstorming between all of us,” junior Tripp Brown said. “We tried to combine a lot of ideas and be open minded, because we’re trying to establish that everyone on our team is a valued member. We thought this was a great idea, we voted on it as a committee and we got it approved. So now we’re trying to make this recycling initiative.”

For the members of the Energy and Environment Committee and student council as a whole, projects like this one are uniquely beneficial. By helping the community and the world at large, these students are also able to grow as individuals and recycle themselves into the person they truly want to be.

“I feel that being a part of the Student Council means trying to make a difference in your school, bettering it for both the students and the staff,” senior James Rogers said. “I regret I didn’t join sooner, but I’m glad I did nonetheless.”