Robotiks team builds hard workers


Building robots sounds like something from a sci-fi movie but at WHS, there’s a group of students that do just that.

The Willis Wildkat Robotiks team has been hard at work preparing for their upcoming competition season starting on December 10th. 

“We are working on everything at once. The programming team is working on code while the build team is fixing any issues with our semi-built robot,” junior Sypher East said. “There is also a playbook being created this year containing all of the different plays we can do to get a certain amount of points.”

Although things are changing this season the students adapt to the new material.

“This year, we changed a lot of rules. And since we have a lot of new people, we’re going over the basics,” senior James Rogers said. “Our robot is almost finished, and once it is we’re going to start doing driver training. We’re going to make sure we can adapt.”

Every person on the team is important and has their own job.

“Teamwork is essential for us to do well at competitions,” senior Javier Banda said. “Everyone has their job and contribution to the team’s success.”

Confidence is key for the close knit Robotiks team.

“I am pretty confident in our team this year. We have a lot of experience on our team compared to last year” East said. “A lot of work has gone into creating this year’s robot.”

The students are putting in all their time to make sure this competition season runs smoothly.

“The students are working really hard for their powerplay FIRST Tech Challenge competition we have for meets and a tournament coming up beginning December 10,” Robotiks sponsor Amy Rogers said. “The kids are putting in extra hours and even working on Saturdays to get ready”