Black Friday kicks off holiday shopping craze


photo or infographic by Avery Cheatham

READY. SET. SHOP. Crowds of bargain hunters will use the Friday after Thanksgiving to start their holiday shopping.

The deals are here. Get ready.

Black Friday may be November 25th, but the deals are already popping up online and in stores. Black Friday is everywhere from Target’s home goods to buying new technology from Best Buy. Black Friday is the time where people wait up late outside of stores with hot chocolate to get the good deals, and even camp out to save money on a phone or computer.

Black Friday refers to the day after the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday. Mant think the term “Black Friday” was coined because it was the day businesses went from being “in the red” to being profitable. 

According to this is untrue. The phrase actually started in the 1960s when a large number of shoppers flocked to Philadelphia to start their holiday shopping and attend the college football game featuring Army and Navy. The crowds created a headache for the police with traffic, theft and other issues.

It is typically a day full of special shopping deals and big discounts and is considered the beginning of the holiday shopping season. Black Friday is the time to collect gifts for Christmas and to treat yourself from anything to computers, phones and apple watches, to home goods like pots and pans and home decor to decorate the house.

“I love Black Friday. We have kinda created a fun tradition for my family where we bundle up and go from store to store to shop for Christmas presents,” sophomore Kaitlyn Bradley said. “After we finish our Black Friday Christmas shopping we go back home to eat Thanksgiving leftovers and watch Christmas movies.”

Black Friday means no more turkey day. It is the start of the official Christmas season. Sometimes shoppers desperate for a bargain can take Black Friday too seriously. 

“Black Friday is great until people take it too far and start to hurt themselves or others to get something as stupid as a TV,” senior Kiaya Crute said.

While some find Black Friday harmful, others find it a time to spend time together while shopping for good deals.

“Black Friday is a day where I can get all the electronics I want for half off online, and I don’t even have to wait outside of a store,” senior Tommy Brittan said.