Precious Mr. Pickles adds joy to ag barn


photo or infographic by Ava Hardin

CUTE AND CUDDLY. Mr. Pickles roams the Ag barn entertaining the humans and animals in the building.

It was just another normal day in the agricultural building when suddenly a streak of orange darted across the classroom. This was the way many students first met Mr. Pickles and now he’s become a staple of the agricultural student experience. 

From a small shy kitten to a rambunctious orange cat, Mr. Pickles has grown and flourished in the ag classroom surrounded by students. He brings a spark of joy to Wildkats’ everyday lives. 

“When I first saw him he was so tiny and seemed malnourished, but he is just the sweetest little cat ever,” junior Jasmin Davis said. “He really started getting used to everyone in the classrooms and like blossomed into this cute playful cat that everyone loves. I love how naturally curious he is and just knowing that he’s there brings a smile to my face every morning.” 

Students’ hearts swell with love for the rowdy irresistible cat that strolled into their lives this school year. 

“He’s such a sweet cat,” sophomore Lily Cross said. “Some people found him at the daycare across from the high school and the teacher decided to take him in as a barn cat. I’m so glad they made that choice because he’s really made my school year happier and my classroom more exciting.”

While he’s not inside the ag building as much now, many students still have fond memories of the days when he would roam freely around the classroom. 

“He just makes everybody happy because he’s such a little character,” junior Riley Heffernan said.” When he was allowed in the classroom all the time, he used to play around the chairs and sit on people’s shoulders like a parrot. I think now he chases all the other animals in the barn and keeps everything in order.”  

Mr. Pickles can definitely be a picky little pest. When the little orange cat is allowed in the classroom, it’s a toss-up as to whether he’ll choose to use his time to cuddle or terrorize.

“When he sees me he usually runs away from me but other times he comes up on my desk and closes my Chromebook with his little paw,” sophomore Brynn Hardin said. “Sometimes he lets other students pet him but most of the time he’s just walking around sniffing people.”