Students rewarded with famous coffee for efforts towards college prep


photo or infographic by Emma Lowe

THAT’S ME. Pointing out their names on the college acceptance wall, seniors Jonathan Dozier and Colin Utecht enjoy their coffee at the Coffee with Counselors event.

Happiness. Tears. A mix of excitement. This past week, the seniors were given Mrs. Neumann’s famous iced coffee as a reward for being accepted or touring a college as well as for students have been given scholarships and finished their FAFSA. This was also a time for students to put their name under the colleges they’ve been accepted into.

As the date of graduation becomes closer and closer, the reality of going into the real world hits seniors.

“To be awarded for being accepted into college made me feel grateful for all the staff members at Willis High that have been supporting us through it all,” senior Hatzire Estrada said. “As I placed my name under the colleges I was accepted into, I felt proud of myself for completing this milestone that my parents didn’t get to experience. It’s a bittersweet feeling to know that I will be graduating soon. I spent my whole life knowing that I will be leaving and it makes me feel emotional, but as my high school career is coming to an end, I’m now grasping an understanding to the saying that time doesn’t wait for anybody.”

With accepting the idea of being on their own, students are looking forward to new memories and new beginnings to experience their own interests.

“It feels surreal that I’ll be walking across that stage and starting my own life in less than seven months,” senior Hayleigh Brawley said. “With graduation comes the idea of accepting and finding out who you are on your own, so I’m excited to see what this world has to offer me.”

By being rewarded with coffee and putting their names on the wall, students also share that it has started to really hit them that their high school career is almost over.

“It felt great being rewarded for the hard work I’ve been putting in to take school to the next level,” senior Jayden Marshman said. “Putting my name underneath a college made me feel like I was taking a big step in life and realizing that I have accomplished a very big thing and I’m honestly proud of myself and the class of 2023.”

The battle of high school grades and long study nights have finally felt like they have paid off, making the seniors realize that everything they’ve been through was worth it.

“It was pretty endearing to get rewarded because it felt like all the study nights and stressed homework is genuinely moving me toward a goal,” senior Yabi Paulino said. “When I put my name on that wall, it was like getting a pre diploma and made growing up feel real. Knowing that I graduate in a few months is actually one of the most nerve wracking things to experience because every comfort that I know is about to be stretched and I’m scared, but truly excited to open a new chapter in my life.”