Coming Together for Change: G20 Summit


A group founded in 1999 that now contains groups from across the world, the G20 summit has become a landmark meeting to discuss world affairs. Discussion between the world’s leaders on many different topics ranging from pandemics to economic disaster are some of the major topics that are talked about during this summit. The summit’s major intentions and high profile people have brought it a very serious demeanor with almost every recognized power coming to the summit. The summit of modern day has a president that works together with the predecessor and the successor, called the Troika, to hold the summit properly. The most recent took place on Nov. 15th and 16th in Bali, Indonesia, under the motto of ‘Recover Together, Recover Stronger’. Using this information can give some basic ideas of what the presidency wanted to achieve, a unity among its members to build a stronger world around the world. 

The G20 Summit is coming together to talk about the future after the Pandemic and changes that need to occur in the world. 

The current presidency under Indonesia released three main pillars that they want to at least get some action towards: Global Health Architecture, Sustainable Energy Transition, and Digital Transformation. The hope for talking about these pillars during the summit is to build upon them and be a structure for future use around the world that the summit members should get behind. Indonesia seems to be focusing on not allowing another pandemic to form by advocating for better access to vaccines and better infrastructure for healthcare. They also seem to be focusing on a better transition to renewable energy and building a stronger economy digitally through better access and improving infrastructure, all of which they are advocating for as well as cooperation across the world. All in all advocating for these things to its members is the main focus of the presidency, where many countries will either follow in the focus of the presidency or bring their own proposals to the table.

A major concern that came up between everyone was the current Ukraine crisis, even when Russia is one of the G20 members. The European Union strongly condemned the actions of Russia along with many other countries within the summit, passing a declaration against the actions of Russia. The hotly debated topics were almost inevitable to come up during the course of the summit, but with the adoption of a declaration against both Russia and nuclear weapons, G20’s stance on the issue seems almost unanimous about the Ukraine war. Another major concern was energy crisis as well as food crisis that came from the Ukrainian war and from the after effects of the pandemic, where a declaration was given by Bali leader’s stating, “We are committed to taking urgent actions to save lives, prevent hunger and malnutrition, particularly to address the vulnerabilities of developing countries, and call for an accelerated transformation towards sustainable and resilient agriculture and food systems and supply chains.” This quote shows how the summit wanted to improve infrastructure across the world and develop better lines of defense against both pandemics and wars on supply chains. Another major topic would be climate change and how they wished to fully enact the Paris agreement, made back in 2015, where they wished to keep the world at 1.5℃. The hope is to confirm the original Paris agreement and to see how that could help the climate of the world around us. 

The multiple issues and changes that the G20 summit is advocating for have now ended as it is time to see how nations will continue after the declarations made during the event.