Students honored with letter jackets for hard work, dedication to academics


HARD WORK PAYS OFF. Shortly after receiving letter jackets, the top 10 students in the senior class of 2023 group together for a picture. The jacket signifies the hard work and dedication that these students put forth into their academics. (From left to right) Principal Chad Smith, Reid Henderson, Logan Hoover, Lauren Hues, Lindsey Hues, Hutton Hoegemeyer, Jonathan Rodriguez, Rylee Neumann, Marion Opel, Peyton Sewell, Ivy Nguyen.

For four years, these students have dedicated their free time to education, they have persevered through hardships and many other obstacles along the way. All of their hard work paid off on Thursday, November 17.

Early on that November day, the top ten students of the 2023 class were called down to the front office to receive a jacket that is only given to the top ten students in the class. These students were given the opportunity to letter jackets with a special color combination to represent those four years of academic achievement.

“It’s just nice to know all of the hard work I put in is finally paying off,” senior Peyton Sewell said.

To some students, the letter jacket was a prize for exceeding their own expectations.

“When I received my letter jacket, I felt recognized for all of the hard work I have done throughout my high school years,” senior Ivy Nguyen said.

This form of recognition is a great way to highlight the hard work and the accomplishments of these students. A letter jacket is commonly thought of as something only athletes receive for participating in varsity sports, but it can now also be given to students that excel academically.

“The jacket represents that the past four years of work I put into my academics had meaning,” senior Logan Hoover said. “I also feel like I have excelled past what I expected of myself.”