Wrestling team sets sights on remaining season, future matches


photo or infographic by Michael Schlowinski

TAKING CONTROL. Dominating her opponent, junior Melanie Garcia wrestles in the dual against Kingwood Park. The team has been busy competing once or twice a week to prepare for district competition.

As the referee blows the whistle to start the action, two elite student-athletes meet in the middle to shake hands before their duel. After the handshake, they are cheered upon by their teammates as both athletes give it their all on the mats.

The wrestling team has had five matches so far and still have almost a full winter season ahead of them. The next match will be Friday and Saturday (Dec. 2-3) at Katy Morton Ranch and will contain both Varsity and JV teams.

“Preparing for a match usually involves getting loose, and then pacing to try and warm up or work up a sweat,” senior Logan Hoover said.

Wrestling is a few sport that involves physical power, speed and technique all at the same time, so preparation is one of the most important steps in becoming successful at the sport.

“Physical training is what you would imagine, preparing your body to undergo intense physical strain,” senior James Sheridan said. “Mental preparation is also an important tool. Self-confidence and focus are necessary in order to achieve success in this sport.”

The mental preparation is nothing to take lightly, one miscue could result in a loss of focus on important technique fundamentals.

FACE TO FACE. Shaking hands before their match begins, Josiah Stephens faces his opponent from Kingwood Park. (photo or infographic by Michael Scholwinski)

“Mentally preparing for a match is a lot harder,” Hoover said. “Personally, I like to think of the first move I will make and then try to let my mind go numb.”

Setting individual and team goals is also a great way to motivate oneself, it allows athletes to work towards a certain achievement.

“I would say the team goal is to win our district,” Hoover said. “Individually, I would like to make it to regionals.”

Training the next in line is also something that the team always keeps in their mind.

“A central part of wrestling here at Willis is the opportunity, this program provides each individual the chance to achieve as much or as little as possible,” Sheridan said. “Every year we strive to teach and train the next generation.”