12 Days of Christmas comes to campus


photo or infographic by WHS STUCO

DECK THE HALLS. From now until the holiday starts, there is a different day to dress up.

Cold fronts have come through full force, and so has the holiday spirit for everyone on campus. With decorations being put up in the halls, and thermoses full of hot chocolate from home during the day, the tradition of dressing festively continues. 

The 12 days of Christmas dress-up days have started. Themes like “Cozy Christmas” and “Hawaiian Holiday” bring in some of the Christmas spirits for the end of the semester. 

“The last three weeks of the semester are nothing but testing,” StuCo sponsor Amber Brumlow said. “There’s benchmarks, STAAR tests, and final exams, so it’s a way to lighten spirits through the last three weeks.”

Dress-up days pop up every so often, and a lot of students really dedicate themselves to going all out for the chosen theme. 

“I really enjoy dressing up,” junior Hannah East said. “It helps me connect more with the school. I’m looking forward to the fancy Christmas because I know a few people who are probably going to go all out, and it’s really interesting to see what people come up with.”

This year’s themes have some very fun concepts that will definitely be interesting to see around school. 

“I’m really excited about the last day, where the seniors are Santa and the lower classmen are elves,” Brumlow said. “I think that’s one of the most creative ones the kids came up with this year. I’m also excited for the crazy Christmas cluster. I’m going to attempt to have Christmas literally from head to toe.”

All in all, it’s about spirit, both for the school and for the holiday season. Excitement for the break and holiday is elevated by the delightment brought on by the tradition at the school. 

“If it’s in my wardrobe, I will try to dress up,” senior Brooklynn Alling said. “I don’t go all out, but I still have fun trying to see what I have in my closet. I still like to have spirit. There’s one that is the grinch, and I have a sweater that I bought for this season. I’m really excited to use it.”