Kats Kouch highlights life as Wildkat


photo or infographic by courtesy of Jamie Fails

ON THE KOUCH. Athletic Director Jason Glenn is interviewed by junior Atavian Friend on an episode of Kat’s Kouch.

The countdown starts, 3.

Focus the cameras, 2.

Ready the script 1.

Turn up the microphones. The red light comes on.

Welcome to the Kats Kouch. 

The Kats Kouch is the Willis High School A/V Production students’ interview show. A show where they get the information that some don’t know about the school.

“This show has been a student-led project that we have been working on for a while now, it’s been a blast,” sophomore Ryan Coursey said. “It’s been nice for it to be the students just working together and creating something for everyone to enjoy.”

The students work vigorously to make the best interviews they can get.

“Well, I feel my students have put in a lot of work to bring this whole project together,” A/V Production teacher Jonathan Evans said. “They sacrifice a lot of their own personal time, just so that the students at WHS and the community can see a little bit more of what’s going on around campus.”

Some of the more experienced students get to be mentors to the new students.

“I like teaching the newer kids how to use the equipment,” senior Logan Gibson said. “It’s very entertaining to see how they go and how they would like approach a situation with just small bits of guidance.”

The students of the Kats Kouch all work together to create the highest quality show they can muster.

“I feel like our class is like a lot more friendly together now, definitely closer than we were before,” sophomore Ryan Coursey said. “Every person really has their own job and contribution to the team’s success.”

The Kats Kouch is gaining popularity with more than just students.

“The future for Kats Kouch is looking really big right now. We’re actually working on a separate project, including Kats Kouch from the administration building,” Evans said. “They’ve caught word of how well the production is going and the future is kind of untold for our show.”