Jumping right in as an All-American

Confidence and preparation leads to qualifying victory

DIVING TO VICTORY. After a recent second place finish, junior Kelsey Weddington has qualified for All-American status. This will open up college and scholarship opportunities for the diver. (photo or infographic by courtesy of WHS Swim & Dive)

Diving is a sport that takes dedication, guts, time and hard work. Standing on the platform knowing that all things must be perfect to get that higher score. It about the moment when talent meets preparation to get that perfect dive. 

After practicing every single day for months this junior Kelsey Weddington finished second at the TISCA Invitational Swim Meet and was able to qualify for All-American Status.

This once in a lifetime moment is not slowing her down either, instead it is pushing her to practice harder for future competitions. Dedicated toward qualifying again and breaking records as her teammates have done. This dedication is also embedded within her teammates and they are all practicing every single day in preparation for upcoming competitions. 

Preparing for competition takes time, energy and dedication to show off hard work. 

“Every day after school I practiced for hours on my strokes,” Weddington said. “It felt good winning because all of my hard work paid off.” 

THANKS COACH. With Coach Dana Fossmo, junior Kelsey Weddington celebrates after a successful diving performance. (photo or infographic by courtesy of WHS Swim & Dive)

After finishing in second and qualifying, this once in a lifetime experience pushes this young swimmer to work even harder than she did before. 

“In the past I have won lots of duel meets,” Weddington said. “I placed second at TISCA and qualified for All-American status. I am still preparing for future meets during my free time and practicing every day after school.” 

The swim team is not stopping their hard work, in fact, their teammate qualifying is pushing everyone to be better than ever before. 

“My team was really happy for me whenever I qualified,” Weddington said. “We are all practicing hard and getting prepared for our future meets to beat old records and hopefully qualify in our events.”