European adventure awaits

Informational meeting for international trip scheduled for next week


photo or infographic by courtesy of EF Tours

BEAUTIFUL LUCERNE. The history and beauty of Lucerne. Switzerland is one stop on the tour offered by EF Tours.

Germany awaits the curious who wish to be a part of something great. As a once in a lifetime opportunity, everyone remotely interested should consider such a life changing opportunity and eye-opening trip. 

That opportunity begins now, as the informational meeting of the trip to Germany and adjacent areas is right around the corner on December 13. This important meeting is not something that should be passed on because many aspects and questions concerning  the trip will be all answered. 

“The information meeting is going to be on the 13th at 6pm in the LGI,” German teacher Lisa Parrot said. “There will be a representative from EFT tours who will give information on the trip, mostly about payments, aspects, etc. What someone who goes on the trip pays for is everything except for lunch and souvenirs.”

People might be hesitant about the hefty $4,000 bill, but with the time alluded for payment, the price is more than manageable. 

“A trip like this alone would cost up to twice as much as anything we could set up,” Parrot said. “It could also be much of a hassle for first time travelers, and those not well versed in the culture and languages of such a foreign place. 

No matter where you might have planned on the 13th, time should be reserved if a student is ready for a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“We will be in three different countries through the Alps,” Parrot said. “These places include Vienne, Austria, Munich, Germany and Lake Lucerne, Switzerland. We are hoping for 70 people, and I believe we can achieve that goal.”