‘Tis the season for favorite holiday movies


photo or infographic by Lilliana Flores

MERRY MOVIES. Home Alone beats out movies like Elf and How the Grinch Stole Christmas as the top Christmas movies.

As the Christmas season approaches, the yearly traditions of getting a warm cup of cocoa and curling up by the fire with your loved ones, then turning on the TV and watching your favorite Christmas movie.

 Which Christmas movie is the best is a big debate this time of year. 

“Home Alone definitely, it’s a classic!” freshman Annabell Smith said. “It’s a part of a tradition that I have to watch both of them on Christmas Eve before we go to church. I think everyone should watch them.” 

Some people like the classic, happy Christmas movies, but some people enjoy the weird and chaotic at any point of the year. 

“My favorite is A Christmas Story because it’s such a bizarre movie, and watching it just feels like a fever dream,” junior Nevaeh Scholwinski said. “One minute we’re talking about a gun, and then we’re talking about Christmas, and then these two boys that are bullying the kid. It’s so random.” 

Though everyone has their favorite movie, everyone also definitely has opinions on what the worst is. From disliking classics, to not being fans of the more unconventional movies, there are definitely some strong arguments. 

“Honestly, The Grinch is overrated,” junior Gracie Saucedo said. “The newer version isn’t as good as the live-action, but at the same time, they’re both overplayed.”

One of the most highly debated topics is the Nightmare before Christmas, and whether it counts as a Christmas movie, a Halloween movie, or both. 

“I don’t like the Nightmare before Christmas,” freshman Sydney Uechi-Ronan said. “It’s overrated, and technically a Halloween movie, but it still has Christmas in the name.”

Hallmark movies are also a topic that gets a lot of mixed emotions. It seems people either adore or hate them with no in-between. 

“There’s not that many Christmas movies in general, in my opinion, there needs to be more, but any Hallmark movie made about Christmas needs to die,”  Scholwinski said. “They’re all the same. It’s like ‘a city girl falls in love with her hometown boy’ and it’s so stupid.”

The debate of whether things stay good when overplayed is always an argument. Be it a song, a video or a movie, the question is always if it’s still worth watching. 

“I find Home Alone overplayed,” freshman Roddie Honea said. “People are like, ‘Oh my God, we have to go watch Home Alone!’ No, you don’t, I watch it once or twice a year and I’m done with it; it’s over.”