Deck the halls with holiday hymns

Choir concert set for Tuesday


Tis the season for Wildkat choir to wish Willis a merry Christmas with their annual winter concert on Dec. 13. Students have been hard at work preparing an array of holiday songs to get Willis in the holiday spirit. 

For returning students, this experience gives them an opportunity to see how they’ve grown and find a new appreciation for old songs. 

“I’m excited to sing Carol of the Bells because I think the dynamics of the piece and the way we blend our voices make it such a pretty song,” junior Akeyah Gardin said. “As I’ve gotten older my voice has matured more and I’ve learned skills that help me be a better singer and fully appreciate the piece.”

The weight of this concert is a little nerve-wracking for some of the newer members as this concert is their first time participating in holiday traditions and a momentous occasion for cementing their place in the Wildkat choir. 

“I’m a little nervous for the concert tomorrow night,” freshman June Abarquez said. “I’m the only freshman who received a solo and it does put me on edge a little bit knowing that I was picked out of so many other amazing singers that I know.” 

The spirit of Christmas runs rampant throughout the choir room during this time of year, bringing students closer together and helping to form new relationships. 

“I’m excited to see how we end up performing but I’m most excited for the Christmas spirit that really comes out during this concert,” junior Tripp Brown said. “The tradition pieces combined with the holiday spirit they invoke help us through turmoil and pain as the stress of the semester dies down, and I’m excited to see where we go from here as a choir.” 

This concert is a testament to all the hard work these students put into their craft. With some groups having to adjust to new direction this year, it’s a welcome change of pace that lets students grow and develop further as Wildkat choir members.

“I’m excited to show off all the music that we’ve worked so hard to perfect,” junior Riley Rick said. “It’s so fun to see how all the voices blend and come together especially under new direction in some cases, with Mrs. Jimenez leading. I love getting to see how different directors put their own spin on teaching and providing feedback to help us improve.”