German coup, the fringe of politics


photo or infographic by Michael Scholwinski

GERMAN UPRISING. More recently a German far-right group has tried to overthrow the current German government, which could show a show of strength to fringe coup d’etats within Europe. 

Stability and Strength are two backbones to any polity within the world that tries to keep a place in the world instead of being relegated to a history book. Revolution has been a common way that many countries have been put into the history books, from the Ottoman Empire to the Taiping Rebellion (Heavenly Kingdom). Countries collapse from many different factors including outside pressures, economic collapse, or political instability that eventually will turn the people against the previous government. In the place of the Taiping Rebellion that would turn into the Heavenly Kingdom, but with lack of support and being turned against a more stable government lead to its collapse. Coup d’etat is a French word for a sudden overthrow of the government from within the country, usually violent in the case of French coup d’etats. More recently a German far-right group has tried to overthrow the current German government, which could show a show of strength to fringe coup d’etats within Europe. 

The discovery of a German government coup plot affects how fringe political groups will now interact with Governments across Europe. 

According to Reuters, German Authorities had captured a group that identified as a far right monarchist group that planned for a possible storming of the Parliament building and Overthrow of the government. Far-right groups, especially extremist versions of them, can be a major instability to the nation of Germany and across Europe. This comes at a time with the Invasion of Ukraine and its been over 100 years since King Wilhelm the II stepped down as monarch. These two things have both destabilized Germany for years, but after World War II it seemed unlikely to stray from Democratic principles and with a strong economy after unification seemed unlikely to even consider far right groups. With the capture of these individuals in Germany though, it seems that the continuation of a shift in Europe. Earlier this year a grouping of right wing parties collaborated in a union, ranging from more centrist to farther right eurosceptic parties in Poland. Another famous Eurosceptic and heavily right leaning group was Reform England that was able to successfully advocate for Brexit back in November of 2018. These groups moving away from a unified Europe, anti-immigration, and moving back towards ideas are all right leaning policies that can range from relatively centrist to the more far right politics of borderline isolationism.

While that may be the case, the recent invasions of Ukraine could challenge this notion by forcing European nations and governments to work together in a major crisis. It could also be that this situation divides Europe after it concludes with many choosing to either go it alone or with Russia depending on the outcome or events that may take place as it goes on. The notion right now is that these far right wing fringe movements are a continuation of a heavy right wing movement within many countries. The movements at which are showing their teeth, whether they want to or not now.